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Choosing the Right Colored Metal Finish for Your Furnishings

Furniture is the cornerstone of the environments in which we live and work. Whether it is our home, office, or retail business, these pieces set the tone and functionality of our space. While wood historically has been the go-to in furniture construction, consumers now have a wider variety of materials from which to choose.

From aesthetics to sustainability, metal (specifically steel-constructed) furniture can be more durable and environmentally friendly than other furniture construction materials.

Choosing the Right Colored Metal Finish for Your Furnishings

Metal fixtures are no longer relegated to an afterthought in design. They can quite often be the main focal point within a room. This design shift definitely carries over to metal on furnishings as well. And just like their wooden counterparts, metal furnishings come in a wide range of color and finish options.

From crisp and clean chrome and steel to warm bronze, glorious gold, and matte colors, you may very quickly find yourself overwhelmed with options. So let’s take a look at the first steps to choosing just the right colored metal finish for your home furnishings.

1. Complimentary Color Theory

Perhaps the most significant factor in making sure metals look right in space is taking into account color. This includes both the walls and any large areas of upholstery.

Colors should complement each other. So as you work through the steps below, keep a swatch or two of your selections or top picks handy.

Just like when you are picking textiles and colors, you will want to focus on one core metal finish. Metal comes in a wide variety of colors, hues, and textures, so let’s take a look at some recommendations for pairing with specific color themes:

  • Light and Airy: Where the overall palette gives a feeling of crisp linen or a seaside breeze, compliment that with metal tones like copper, bronze, and gold to bring warmth into the space.
  • Bright and Vibrant: If your room invokes abundant energy, you want to stay clear of bright and shiny metals that can easily get lost in the action. Go for antiqued or brushed finishes that add a tonal depth to the space and give the eyes a break.
  • Moody and Rich: Rooms with verdant and rich jewel tones benefit most from metals with a bit of shine, like polished steel, copper, and gold. Going for a metal that catches the eye can add light and life to darker-toned rooms.
  • Subdued and Monotone: Rooms with primarily earth tones, grays, and browns offer you the most leeway when picking a base metal. You won’t need to worry about undertones, and these color palettes are the best at letting your metal furniture and accent pieces be the star of the show.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix

You can mix and match warm and cool metal tones within the space, as well as finishes between them. One thing to watch out for is trying an accent in the same metal but a different finish style as your core. Metals being too similar can often come off as just poor matching. Staying within the same tone can lend cohesion to the space, but make sure your accent is distinct enough from the core to stand alone.

If you are looking for a basically foolproof compliment, black or dark gray finishes reminiscent of wrought iron coordinate with most color schemes and metal choices.

3. Get Some Samples

As we alluded to above when discussing a mix-and-match approach to choosing some metal finishes, picking finishes that are too close but not an exact match can look poorly. This is especially an issue if you intend to get furnishings or fixtures from different manufacturers. A ‘rose-gold’ or ‘brushed nickel’ from one company will not always match another. In fact, it most often will not.

If you intend to have the furnishing in close proximity, get samples if you can to check matches, or opt for a complimentary finish instead of a matching one.

4. Consider Daily Use

Metal is one of the best materials to use for any furnishing that will see heavy wear. It is less prone to environmental damage from temperature, humidity, kids, and pets. Steel furniture especially allows it to take heavy daily use with ease, but that doesn’t mean it may not show wear on the finish.

Brushed finishes will hide the most wear naturally and are a go-to choice for metal furnishings that will see a lot of direct contact from hands like arms or backrests. Matte and colored finishes, if properly maintained, are also an excellent choice for items that may get moved around a lot. In contrast, shiny finishes require the most care to avoid the appearance of scratches.

Metal furniture is best cleaned with a cloth or sponge using water and non-detergent soap. Do not use abrasive scrubbers or cleaners because they will scratch the finish, potentially exposing the metal to rust-inducing moisture. For dirty spots, use a window cleaner or a non-abrasive multi-purpose cleaner with a soft cloth.

Keeping your metal surfaces properly cleaned and maintained ensures all the hard work you put into making your selections shows through in your home.

A Finish to Compliment Any Style

If you are looking for a stunning and well-crafted contemporary piece of furniture, whether for your home or business, check out our online catalog.

We have been hand-manufacturing steel furniture for over 40 years and pride ourselves on the fact that every piece is as much a piece of art as a functional piece of furniture. Each piece of Johnston Casuals furniture is a unique item made to order for our customers.

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