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Why Choose a Glass Tabletop?

The use of glass in furniture has a long and interesting history. But what was once only custom-made pieces relegated to the rooms of royalty is now a ubiquitous and popular choice for home and business owners around the world. And it isn’t just chance that made this material a popular choice, especially for table tops.

Why Choose a Glass Tabletop?

Opting for a glass tabletop comes with a number of unique benefits over other surfaces, especially traditional wood tables. It is more than a simple design choice or personal preference. Glass-topped tables provide:

  • Lowered maintenance
  • The illusion of more room space
  • Increased light

Glass is a versatile material that can add beauty and dimension to your home. Wood furniture can look heavy and bulky, while glass works well in smaller or larger homes because of its sleek appearance. Glass furniture complements both traditional and modern decor that will make your room look brighter and feel more spacious.

If you are tired of your home decor and looking for ways to change things up, glass decor is an excellent choice. We have put together a few reasons why you should decorate your home with glass furniture.

1. Easy Maintenance

Glass furniture is easy to maintain. Unlike wood, there is no chance that glass will come in contact with termites and be damaged by other pests or be warped by humidity, temperature, or water damage. Even in ideal conditions, wooden furniture will lose its shine over time if exposed to direct sunlight. You may think the glass is fragile; however, tempered glass furniture is more durable than wood furniture.

Not only is it more durable, but it is also easier to keep clean. Glass naturally doesn’t absorb germs or liquids, making it easy to clean up spills and sanitize when needed. While you may notice fingerprints or dust easier with glass, all it takes is a quick wipe with a soft microfibre cloth to get back to a glorious shine.

2. Compliments Small Living Spaces

A big reason to choose a glass topped table is that it very easily creates the illusion of having more space in a room. Not only is glass transparent, but it often is paid with thinner frames (usually metal), which means you do not have bulky pieces of furniture blocking eyelines.

While this effect has the most benefit in smaller rooms, it can be used to significant effect in large or multi-living space areas to create an airy feel.

Depending on the style of the table, it can also increase your usable display space as well. It’s see-through, so whatever you put below it is equally as much a decoration as what you put on it. A lot of times, beautiful rugs are obscured by furniture, but that isn’t a worry with glass tables.

3. Glass Helps Increase Light

Glass, whether it has a mirrored-like effect or not, naturally reflects light from around it. This can create beautiful effects from natural light but also help bump up light sources in rooms without good sunlight. If you have a room that tends to be darker, pair these ideas with a glass table top to add in even more brightness and life-too-tight spaces.

  • Crystal vases and decanters blend in effortlessly with the glass top, but their edges naturally reflect and amplify the natural shine of the materials. Crystal is excellent If you are going for an elegant or formal aesthetic.
  • Candles are a tried and true way to decorate any table. Whether it is a single candle or an array of multiple candles, they bring warmth to any space they inhabit. Candles also fit in almost any aesthetic, with their holders being an excellent way to bring in pops of color or differing textures.
  • If your room is lacking in the light department, consider an artistic lamp as the decoration. A staple of the bed or couch side, if you can find a cordless lamp or lighted centerpiece, bring some more light to the dining room as well.

4. Style Chameleon

Glass furniture has the unique attribute of fitting well with other elements and bringing a spark of life and excitement into every interior space. It can even enhance the appearance of other materials that accompany it, such as marble or wood.

Depending on the size and shape of the glass furniture you choose, you can go for a bold or delicate look. With some simple styling, glass tables can change with the seasons. And this versatility means even if you decide to do a more oversized style or design update to the room, your table will likely fit right in.

Effortlessly Pair Glass and Metal with Johnston Casuals

When looking for a table to fit modern or small spaces, the pairing of metal and glass is a timeless and durable classic. Opting for something with a metal base is essential for those who need a table that can take a bit more weight or resist damage by pets or the environment.

For over 40 years, Johnston Casuals has designed and manufactured handmade metal furniture right here in North Carolina. So if you think you may want the durability of metal in your home or a statement piece, give our selection a look. We have furniture pieces and tables that fit into any room or style, many of which come with an option for glass tops.

You can browse our catalog online or visit one of our nationwide furniture dealers. Every piece we build is beautiful and meant to last a lifetime.

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