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What Color Walls Coordinate with Gray Furniture?

Gray has taken over as one of the most popular colors for furniture in recent years. It is a versatile color that allows for endless color matching and coordination, but all those options can become overwhelming for those redecorating. Today we will take a look at some of the most popular paint options to coordinate with gray furniture and how to pick the color that is right for your room.

What Color Walls Coordinate with Gray Furniture?

As we mentioned, the reason gray furniture has become so popular, just like brown tones before it, is down to its versatility for color coordination. It naturally fits into so many aesthetics, from casual, industrial, and preppy, all the way to a formal room.

While almost any color can coordinate with gray, there are some definite standouts in popularity, including:

  • Blue: The top pick for cool colors, blue tones can make a space feel calm and relaxed. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, adding a hint of teal to the hue can bump up the boldness.
  • White: Just like gray, white has had a surge in popularity lately. It leaves a space feeling crisp and clean and sets up furniture and other decorations as the focal point of a space.
  • Coral: The soft red-orange of color adds a subtle warmth to any room and is one of the most flattering color matches for gray. Paints in this colorway will add a spark of energy to a room.
  • Yellow: No matter if you go with a bright and cheerful yellow or turn to more gold tones, yellow walls are great if you want some of the crispness of white but the energy of a warmer color.
  • Green: Deep green jewel tones can create a timeless, stylish, and elegant look in a space. And despite being a cool color can leave rooms feeling rich and warm to spend time in.
  • Darker Grays: It may seem a little austere, but an absolutely stunning modern room can be achieved with gray walls. Go at least a few shades darker than your furniture and accent with metal for a truly sophisticated look.

Tips for Picking Your Color

The first step in deciding what color wall to coordinate with your new gray furniture is to take a moment and decide how you want the room to feel. Bedrooms and bathrooms tend toward colors that create calming spaces like blue, living rooms, and offices that see more activity benefit from warm pops of color like yellow and coral, while dining rooms get an added formal feeling from white and gray.

The second step for picking a coordinating wall color is determining the tone of gray you have on your furniture. Gray is rarely composed of just black and white but rather has purple, blue, green, brown, and even red mixed in. If it isn’t apparent to your eye what color tone has been mixed in, grab some paint color strips to help narrow it down.

With these bits of information in mind, take a look around the internet or your favorite home decor magazines. Collect a few photos of rooms that you love the look and feel of and see how they match up to your desired color selections. You want color tones that are analogous or contemporary between the furniture and the wall color.

If you find yourself with a few potential options, head to the hardware or paint store and ask for a few paint samples. Don’t underestimate the effect lighting plays on how colors appear.

Your swatches might look great side by side in the store, but under the mix of artificial and natural light in our homes, you may find your second choice is the better option after all. And nothing beats putting paint on the wall to see how it will really look.

Adding in Accents

Once you have settled on a wall color to coordinate with your furniture, use accent pieces and decorations to pull the look together. If you go with white or gray walls, you can easily pick accents that draw from one of the other popular colors.

But for those who went with a splash of color, don’t worry; accents are effortless. You can use pillows, rugs, art, and curtains to add visual interest to the space.

  • Choose coordinated analogous or complementary colors, and don’t be afraid to vary the shades and intensity of the tones.
  • Play with texture across the room to add subtle variety without detracting from focal points.
  • Small details can make a big difference, from stitch patterns to the material and finish of table tops and seat legs.

Make the Space Uniquely Yours

Whether you want pure comfort, a space that inspires and invigorates, or a mix of both, pick furniture and colors that are beautiful, functional, and unique to yourself.

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