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The Best Furniture for Pet Owners

It may seem impossible to keep your furniture clean and intact when you also have pets, but that’s not just the case. Depending on the fabric and structure of your furniture, some won’t stand a chance against your cat’s claws or your dog’s chewing habits.

Even if your pets don’t end up destroying the furniture, they may cause it to look terrible due to the layer of shed hair and the occasional stains they leave behind.

So, what are the best types of furniture for pet owners? We’ll help you solve this issue, as we explain how to choose pet-friendly furniture.

How Do Pets Damage Furniture?

  • Tearing Fabrics with Their Claws: Dogs and cats are known for scratching and damaging furniture fabric with their claws. This causes bigger problems with some fabrics and furniture types than others, but it is most likely to occur with furniture coerced in loosely woven fabrics, such as wool.
  • Scratching Wood with Their Claws: Dogs, as well as cats, may scratch up the wooden parts of chairs, tables, ottomans, and couches as they climb up and down. They also like to chew on the wood. An option is to swap wooden parts of furniture with metal.
  • Staining Furniture with Saliva or Urine: Pets who drool excessively can create large stains on couch and chair fabrics. Even house-trained pets may have accidents or dribble a few drops of urine on the couch, which can cause stain problems.
  • Moving or Topping Furniture: If you have particularly outgoing pets, you may find that they push your furniture around and may even topple small tables or chairs while playing. This can not only damage your furniture, but it could also be a safety hazard for your pets too.

How to Choose Pet-Friendly Furniture

1. Fabrics That Won’t Attract Pet Hair or Scratches

When it comes to pet-friendly furniture fabric, you want to look for material that is smooth and shiny. These fabrics include polyurethane, polyester, leather, denim, and silk that are all great options for keeping your furniture hair-free.

Pets will inadvertently scratch and damage furniture fabric with their claws. If you have a cat or dog, stick to durable and tougher materials, like leather and faux leather. Or you can look for textiles that have a tight weave. This pet-friendly furniture is harder for your pet to catch a nail on. If you are worried about your furniture showing wear and tear, distressed leathers will less likely show worn over time.

2. Easy-to-Clean Fabrics

Once you’ve chosen a pet-friendly furniture fabric, you want to make sure it’s easy to clean because pets sometimes track in dirt, throw up or have a bathroom accident.

Look for furniture pieces that are labeled as “stain-resistant” or “high-performance fabric” to ensure easy-to-clean fabrics. Some of the easiest fabrics to clean are synthetic, microfiber, wool, or leather upholstery.

3. Metal Furniture

Cozy, fabric furniture features some comfy cushions and pillows. But if you have pets, you know that these materials will likely encounter a mix of pet hair, dirt, and drool over time. In addition, a potty accident could make for a serious mess on your nice furniture pieces.

If your living room consists of tables, sofas, and chairs with wooden legs, it’s likely your dog will find them chewable.

The key to maintaining a stylish atmosphere despite the presence of pets is to choose metal furniture. To keep your pet from attacking your favorite pieces, swap out wood for metal that is far less enticing and much harder to damage, plus exceptionally easy to clean.

4. Choose Dark Colors

Picking the color of your furniture is an important decision when you own a pet. You want to stay away from white and cream-colored furniture since it looks dirty faster and stains show more prominently.

Unless you have a clean dog and are prepared to clean your furniture constantly, we don’t advise getting an ivory couch.

If you already have white furniture, we recommend investing in a slipcover or some darker throw blankets. Many slipcovers come in high-quality fabrics and a variety of colors and patterns. Select darker colors ideal for pet-friendly furniture such as brown, grey, and green.

5. Rugs That Won’t Wear with Scratching

When it comes to shopping for rugs, choose a rig with low piles and tight weaves of the material. Pets are generally less likely to scratch these surfaces, and they’re usually easier to keep pet hair and dander away.

Are you looking for pet-friendly furniture? Johnston Casuals designs furniture pieces specifically for dogs and cats. We create stylish yet durable tables, chairs, bed frames designed to be stain-resistant, scratch-proof, and pet friendly.

Our furniture pieces are handcrafted in North Carolina and are made from high-quality materials and recycled steel. Contact us today to learn more about how you can own Johnston Casuals furniture.

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