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Audrey Upholstered Dining Chair


Sleek and stylish, the Audrey Upholstered Dining Chair is the epitome of style and comfort. It stands 37.25 inches in height, with a seat depth of 21.75 inches and a width of 19 inches. Showcase elegance and grandeur in the dining area by choosing glossy white leather or vinyl seats and premium Platinum or Antique Alloy finish. Or show your boho avant-garde style by choosing vibrant colored chairs, bold designs, or textured fabrics. Here at Johnston Casuals, we respect how each one of us is a unique individual. We all have our personal styles that we incorporate in our homes and businesses. That is why we make it a point that while we create great designs, we also give you room to provide these designs with your personal touch.

Technical Specifications

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions D: 21.75 in x W: 19 in x H: 37.25 in

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