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Jayne Upholstered Chair


Comfy and full.

Jayne Upholstered Chair didn’t bother those complex backseat designs. All it takes is a fully upholstered high backseat that holds into a back post with a low back height. The high-profile chair effortlessly pulls off that thick printed upholstery that extends to its cushion seat.

The metal back frame bolts firmly on a wooden post with a sleek and neat cut, which goes from the back post to the rear legs. The type of support also goes with the front legs, leaving off an intelligent outline for the fully upholstered high chair.

And for further reinforcement, two spindles on both sides connect the front and rear legs. With two stretchers still welded to hold the spindle together, you know the chair has a strong base.

With an option to various finishes, you can only glimpse in awe at the stunning outline of the wood and metal accents this dining chair has to offer.

Seat 17.5D

Designer: Blaine Johnston

Technical Specifications

Additional information

Dimensions D: 20.25 in x W: 24.75 in x H: 36.5 in

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While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately represents the product’s actual color. Please get in touch with your dealer to see physical samples.

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