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Jayne/Sofie Dining Set


The Jayne/Sofie Dining shows how a little space can be welcoming and full. The set boasts of the pairing of Sofie Square Dining Table and Jayne Upholstered Dining Chair.

Just look at how the Sofie Square Dining Base welcomes the entirety of the four cushion-packed upholstery in high profile.

There is much more to the bareness that you can view from the tabletop.

Moreover, no one can distinguish the character differences between a Jayne and a Sofie masterpiece. Thanks to the wooden-metallic integration they share. Call it a common space. The chic metallic Sofie table legs do not overpower the solidity of Jayne’s dining chair foot base.

On top of that, one can play with various wood and metal finishes for both, so they blend seamlessly into its dining interior.

Jayne Chairs with Keanu Camel Fabric and Sofie Dining Base shown in Satin Nickel Finish with Midnight Oak and Glass Top.

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