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Sofie Dining Set


The Sofie Dining Set flaunts its fearless take of wood and metal fusion, alternating from back posts to seat rails down to each of its feet. The contemporary set sits in eloquence and subtlety while maintaining balanced and stout support.

The focal point, which is quite a revelation, rises in a bare glass tabletop glued above the Sofie Square Dining Base. Notice how the base stands proudly in premium steel legs, while bolted through four wooden apron panels with an inward sloping peak.

The Sofie Dining Chair, with a wooden back post outlining in a sleek-angled metal backseat, flaunts how metal frames can also rely on the strength of a wooden front and rear legs. It only shows how any Sofie dining piece can successfully incorporate its wood-metal accents into any dining interior without any signs of blemish.

Sofie Chairs and Sofie Dining Base shown in Topaz Finish with Walnut. Top is GL3660 Rect. Glass.

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