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Luca Dining Chair, Chianti Insert


Are you looking for a classic addition to your dining room but with a slightly more “out there” approach? If yes, then our Luca Dining Chair paired with our Chianti Insert is the one you’re looking for.

Our Luca Dining Chair gives off an old-school, retro vibe with its huge emphasis on its slightly angled elements – ranging from the backrest down to its legs for an interesting form. The unexpected circular foot pads that unite the chair with the floor are also a nod to the past, making sure that this chair is designed with as many geometries as possible.

Sure, the retro and old-school look of the Luca Dining Chair is already enough for some, but for those looking for something eclectic to finish the look, then our Chianti Insert will do the job for you. Compared to the straight and calculated look of our Luca Dining Chair, our Chianti Insert dominates the backrest into a single, free-flowing form.

Designer: John Jay LeShane

Technical Specifications

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Dimensions D: 18 in x W: 23 in x H: 39 in

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