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Carmine Barstool


The unique front-legged Carmine Barstool dons on its distinct butterfly print pattern, boxed in a 16-inch deep tapered backseat. The low-profile backseat panel leaves the human back an embracing lean, coupled with a lumbar grasp.

The back panel waves its spiral bubble patterns in a whirling fashion, leaving a floaty effect, yet a smooth illusion. And to pair that air subtlety, the framed cushion seat holds into a pair of sturdy freestanding front legs clasped by an open taper base. The cushion seat can blend well into any interior by picking a material with patterns and prints of preference.

And to make it complete, the seemingly floating two-legged support strengthens through an adequately heightened single bar footrest braced in-between these stands.

One can dress its frames according to the preferred custom metal finish, which only highlights the bar stool’s complex stand and elegance.

18W 18.5D 42.5H
16 seat depth
Shown in Platinum Finish

Technical Specifications

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions D: 18.5 in x W: 18 in x H: 42.5 in

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While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately represents the product’s actual color. Please get in touch with your dealer to see physical samples.

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