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Carmine/Transformer Rectangle Dining Set


Got a bigger dining room to spare? Our Carmine/Transformer Rectangle Dining Set might be the eye-catching piece you need! At first glance of this dining set, you’ll immediately notice our attention-grabbing Carmine Dining Chair. Inspired by the monarch butterfly, this unique dining chair boasts of a lengthy and slightly arching backrest, resembling a folding butterfly wing, ornate with spiraling ovals and circles to keep your eyes busy.

At the same time, the dining table that comes with our Carmine/Transformer Rectangle Dining Set features four sturdy legs mimicking the graceful outlines of butterfly wings. This subtle touch completes the butterfly-inspired look of our dining set, perfect for tropical- and forest-inspired dining rooms.

For dining rooms with different interiors, you can always mix and match from our wide variety of metal finishes. Seat cushions are available in a variety of fabrics, Colorama, leather, or vinyl to come up with a uniquely “you” dining set.

Shown with GL4272, 42 in. x 72 in. with 1/2 in. thickness and polished edge.

Designer: Louis A. Lara

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