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Carmine Dining Chair


Looking for something to add some spice to your plain kitchen? Fret not, our Carmine Dining Chair might be the one you’re looking for! This unique chair starts with a basic form before sprouting out into a spiraling pattern of ovals and circles – a graceful scene that will remind you of the equally graceful monarch butterfly. If you’re thinking that this pattern is only used on its backrest, you’re in for a surprise! This eye-catching pattern reaches down to the floor, featuring the level of artistry our Carmine Dining Chair has.

While our Carmine Dining Chair works best with earth tones – that is, if you’re planning to mimic the monarch butterfly, you can always browse our wide selection of metal finishes and combine it with our wide range of fabrics, Colorama collection, leather, or vinyl.

A tall, striking dining chair with an artistic expression reminiscent of the wings of a monarch butterfly.

17 seat depth

Shown in Old Gold Finish

Designer: Louis A. Lara

Technical Specifications

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions D: 25 in x W: 18 in x H: 39 in

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