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Eleven Best DIY Christmas Decorations

There is a chill in the air, and the leaf change is in full swing. Located in the western part of North Carolina, Johnston Casuals is fortunate to see a brilliant display of color each autumn. The change of season is something to which many people look forward because it means the holidays are right around the corner.

While some have been marking out days on the calendar since the last holiday season, others may feel like the prospect of shopping for gifts and scheduling get-togethers is scarier than Halloween.

Regardless of your level of enthusiasm for the most wonderful time of the year, the right Christmas decorations can give you and your family the cheer you want and need.

Here are some of the best Christmas decorations to make you and your home more festive.

11 Great DIY Christmas Decorations for Your Home

1) Dried Orange Accents in Garland

Have you decorated your home with garland galore? Do you want your garland to have a little extra pop? Add dried orange slices to your green garland to give it a little extra zing.

2) A Scrabble Christmas Tree

This is truly decor that sends a message. You can take scrabble pieces and put them against a backdrop (like a chalkboard or a piece of decorative wood) and write out a Christmas message in the shape of a tree.

You can add some colorful elements and ornaments as well to make this a conversation piece for holiday parties.

3) Mason Jar Candles

We all know you never throw away a good mason jar. However, sometimes we tend to collect more of them than we can ever need.

Put them to use this holiday season as decorative candle holders. You and your family can paint them, add some twine, and make them the perfect holiday lights.

4) Memory Wreaths

A pretty green wreath can be a stunning Christmas decoration. Your wreath can take on new meaning by adding some printed photographs or some of your kids’ art to it.

5) Embroidered Christmas Tree Rackets

Do you have some old tennis or badminton rackets that are just taking up space in your garage or storage closet? They are the perfect base for homemade Christmas-themed embroidery.

This is a great craft for the whole family that costs very little.

6) License Plate Tree

Do you like to travel? Have you moved a few times and collected some license plates? Display your love for adventure and the holidays by creating a license plate tree.

7) Cardboard Lifesize Gingerbread House

‘Tis the season for collecting an excessive amount of boxes. Your children are likely the type to play with the cardboards as much as with the toys inside.

If you have some larger boxes, you can turn them into lifesize gingerbread houses in which children can play.

8) The Weather Inside Is Frightful

Even if you are in the South, you can have a snowy scene inside your home as long as you have a little ingenuity. Your family can find plans online to make homemade paper snowflakes and other wintery scenes.

So, if the weather outside isn’t frightful, you can turn down the air conditioning, crank up the gas logs, and pretend like you’re in a winter wonderland.

9) Candy Canes As Ornaments

This may be a challenging decorative mission if your family likes to eat candy canes, but they really are the perfect decoration. They have the perfect shape to hang out trees, garlands, and other places. The red and white go well with Christmas colors.

Put your candy canes to work during the holiday season, and try to keep your family from eating them till after their mission is complete.

10) Garland on the Mantles and Rails

Your stair handrails, porch railings, and banisters are begging to be adorned this holiday season. They provide the ideal surface for garland and other decorations to be wound around.

Don’t forget to add garland and ornaments to these surfaces!

11) Cardstock Forests

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Feel like you can’t start decorating until you clean up your home? Read our article, Seven Practices to Keep Your Home Decluttered to clear the space you need to really enjoy the holidays.

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