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Eight Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

When it comes to planning the interior design of your living room, the process of carefully curating pieces of furniture, styling decor, creating a cohesive color palette, and choosing fabrics can be a bit overwhelming.

Rather than overfilling your space, you may find that less is more. If your style preferences are more towards minimal furniture, you can agree that the most inspiring interior design isn’t determined by how much you’ve styled space, but rather what you’ve left out.

Minimalist interior design is rooted in the principle of ridding your life of clutter and focuses on simple living habits, including curating your space to have a few things rather than constantly accumulating more things. Minimalism is a popular trend that is everywhere. It can be achieved by choosing clean-lined furniture, using neutral colors, and keeping surfaces clean.

Ultimately, this design focuses on a cleaner, more sustainable, and more efficient way of living. Minimalists are clean and smooth; you won’t find clutter or an excessive amount of decor.

We have curated minimalist living room ideas from our professional interior designers on how to make an impact in your own space.

Eight Minimalist Living Room Ideas

1. Carefully Picked Decor

In a minimalist living room, every piece of furniture and home decor matters. It’s essential to make thoughtful choices about what you include in your living room.

A minimal room may include a carefully-curated mix of clean lines in the furniture for a bold statement. Small pieces of decor on a bookcase or coffee table will complement the carefully chosen furniture pieces.

2. Focus On What Is Functional

Every element in a minimalist living room serves a clear function. Minimal decor allows rooms for plenty of seating, while the overall design keeps a neutral feeling with a simple color scheme.

Even though nothing in the room is excessive, the living area can be enjoyed comfortably and with room to entertain.

3. Experiment With Color

Colors play a big role in a minimalist design. A bright, white living room with unexpected pops of color can transform a living space. Cool tones can be used to contrast warm throw pillows and a lamp, and all the colors are tied together by artwork with hues from each accent.

You can even pair the decor with sheer white curtains that make the space feel bright and inviting.

4. Go Industrial

Minimalist interior design is often characterized by its simplistic form and aesthetic style.

Certain designs use minimalism by curating a cohesive color scheme that allows for more decor while staying true to its intended purpose. It can include industrial touches in the light fixtures, minimal wall art, a house plant, and classic furniture to create a chic and calming environment with a bold style.

5. Choose Monochromatic Palettes

Soften an all white-space with bold lighting with small touches of dark colors. You can choose decorative accents, including an inviting sofa and plush throw pillow, reading lamp, and coffee table with minimal decor.

The most important part is to stay true to the palette. Texture, from the pillows to white curtains and traditional rug, keeps a design interesting without straying from its minimalist nature.

6. Make a Mirrored Statement

A bright, open space is a common theme in minimalist design. To add to your room’s aesthetic, add a large mirror to your living space. The mirror bounces light throughout the room and gives the illusion of a bigger space.

If you have white walls, a bold black frame is an excellent choice for a dark upholstered sofa while using small accents like a throw pillow to carry the themes across the space.

7. Consider Your Focal Points

If your home has a built-in focal point like a fireplace, use it as your base when you begin designing the living space. Warm up the contrasting colors in your space by incorporating plenty of natural materials throughout the room.

Use various textures like a leather armchair, a woven basket, fur rug, and light accent pieces to keep things interesting while sticking to a neutral palette.

8. Keep Shelf Decor to a Minimum

Styling shelves and bookcases can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to keep things simple.

Pay close attention to which items and how many are placed on your shelf. To incorporate minimalism throughout your space, choose a few special pieces you’d like to display, then find a balance by styling them evenly around the furniture. Choose a few simple colors to contrast wood shelves.

Johnston Casuals

Every designer knows the value of unique decor, and a minimalist living room is a perfect place to display your favorite pieces. The team at Johnston Casuals can help you find unique minimalist furniture for your home. We have been making hand-craft furniture in the foothills of North Carolina for over three decades.

Browse our extensive catalog on our website or reach out to our designers with any questions you have. Are you not located in North Carolina? Don’t worry; we can ship all over the United States and around the world.

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