ASU Design Collaboration

Last year we reached out to Appalachian State University's Department of Applied Design.

We wanted to work with aspiring young furniture designers to help create some unconventional designs while also helping to develop talent in our area.

The program was setup to work like a competition. Wherein the four best designs would be shown at the High Point Market and made available for sale.

A diverse group of students worked to develop designs to present to us at our North Carolina based factory.

We gave each prototype design our critiques and made thoughtful suggestions. Many designs were wonderfully unconventional, while others were worthy spins of familiar aesthetics.

After the troubleshooting was done and revisions were made... the students, professors and members of our team were all thrilled with the results.

After weeks of review and lengthy debate and discussions... four winning designs were chosen. Each of these designs would be produced and shown at our showroom at the High Point Market and made available for sale.

When market came, we proudly showed the winning designs at the front of our showroom.

Many of the ASU student designers were able to attend the High Point Market and made the time come see the final builds of their designs.

They could hardly contain their emotions as they beamed with pride and marveled at their visions made into reality.

Professors from Appalachian State University were able to closely review the builds and see the final revisions.

The Four Winning Designs:

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