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Advantages of Modern Glass Furniture

Nowadays, furniture is no longer an essential household purchase but rather an interior detail and decoration. Your choice of furniture is one of the most important buying decisions you will make for your home.

Whether it’s time to update your interior space or fill in space for your new home, more buyers are choosing glass furniture.

As trends and interior designs are changing, the recent popularity of glass is being used to make furniture items such as shelves, coffee tables, desks, counters, dressers, draws, and even chairs.

For many homeowners looking to change their look, glass furnishings have the potential to transform your home decor.

Glass is a versatile material that can add beauty and dimension to your home. Wood furniture can look heavy and bulky, while glass works well in smaller or larger homes because of its sleek appearance. Glass furniture complements both the traditional and modern decor that will make your room look brighter and feel more spacious.

If you are tired of your home decor and looking for ways to change things up, glass decor is an excellent choice. We have put together a few reasons why you should decorate your home with glass furniture.

Advantages of Using Glass Furniture

  • Glass furniture is easy to maintain. Unlike wood, there is no chance that glass will come in contact with termites and be damaged by other pests.
  • Having glass furniture in your living space gives off a presence of sophistication and elegance that is fitting for both a contemporary or modern interior design.
  • Glass is economical and is considered to save energy by allowing in natural light even when you close your windows and doors.
  • Far from any other material, glass transmits, absorbs, and refracts light. As a result, the surface can be both translucent and transparent, making space feel brighter and larger.
  • The glass surface is very easy to clean and maintain. You can use a wet or damp cloth to wipe the glass furniture clean. It has non-porous material, and if anything spills on it, you can just wipe it without any staining or mess. If it’s accompanied by metal, it lasts indefinitely (and the metal is very easy to clean, too)


The maintenance of taking care of wooden furniture is more challenging than glass furniture.

Even with the proper care, wooden furniture will lose its shine over time if exposed to direct sunlight. You may think the glass is fragile; however, glass furniture is more durable than wood furniture.

With the proper care of wooden furniture like regular waxing, it can help delay the aging process, but it’s also prone to cracking. Glass furniture retains its glossy appearance that is easy to clean for many years.

Transparency and Elegance

A unique advantage to using glass furniture is its transparency. The transparency of glass furniture makes the room look lighter, brighter, and spacious. While the room may be small, the near invisibility of glass furniture makes the room look and feel larger, unlike the massive space wooden furniture seems to occupy.

The appeal of glass furniture is that it adds class, elegance, and value to your home. Glass furniture has the unique attribute to fit well with other elements and bring a spark of life and excitement into every interior space.

It can even enhance the appearance of other materials that accompany it such as marble or wood.

Depending on the size and shape of glass furniture you choose, you can go for a bold or delicate look.

Environmentally Friendly

While some people are allergic to certain types of wood, there are several reports that wood can cause allergies, whether it is solid or dust.

Wood allergies can cause skin irritation, sneezing, and coughing.

Glass furniture, on the other hand, is completely environmentally friendly, and homeowners only need to ensure regular cleaning of the furniture to avoid any allergies.

Johnston Casuals

Before you buy glass furniture, you should consider your lifestyle and the people in your household. The major downside to glass furniture is keeping it clean.

Glass is prone to fingerprints, dust, spills, and smudges. However, once you get into a routine of cleaning, you will love and enjoy your glass furniture.

At Johnston Casuals, we make beautiful, customizable glass furniture from safe, durable materials without compromising the luxury design. If you are interested in owning a piece of furniture with glass, contact us.

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