Stationary Room Divider, Bubbles

Stationary Room Divider, Bubbles



Shown at 6 ft. height with 3 ft. width

Shown with: Bubbles insert in Black finish with the frame finished in Graphite

A versatile room divider with a variety of insert patterns, finish options and a range of possible widths and heights.

The Stationary Divider can have a range of height and width combinations.
Choose the height of the divider: either 4 ft., 6 ft. or 8 ft.
Choose the width of the divider you need: either 3 ft. or 4 ft. options.

The “Bubbles” insert is just one of a wide variety of insert panels that we offer. Any of our artistic “Luca” insert patterns can be used on our “Hanging” and “Stationary” room dividers.

*Custom insert patterns are available.

The frame and the insert panel can each have their own bold finish. Select from any of our 35 distinct finish options to create a mixture of striking finishes.

1590-3672B Made to order