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8 Unique Accent Ideas for Your Bedroom

Out of the entire home, your bedroom is a space that is uniquely yours. It is a place to relax from a long day and greet the following morning. It is essential to feel comfortable in this space.

Since it is one of the rooms in the home that visitors rarely see, it is the perfect place to indulge in design choices with only yourself in mind.

We have curated a few ideas below to consider when designing your bedroom. Of course, there are thousands of little ways to make a space unique, but these are the most visual and functional ways to tailor your bedroom to your individual tastes.

8 Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Unique

1. Accent Wall

Picking a wall to customize can make the most significant visual impact on your quest to create a unique space. The sky’s the limit, from painting a wall a complementary color, fun wallpaper, or paneling to murals and geometric trim designs. Accent walls are the most significant way to add not only a pop of color but unique textures and designs.

The wall your headboard will rest against is a popular choice for a bedroom. But you can also consider modifying a wall with a physical feature such as a window or the first wall you see upon entering. These options are excellent if it is a bedroom where you might rearrange the furniture.

2. Headboard

Even if you are not keen on an accent wall, a headboard is an accent option that combines form and function. Whether it is built-in with plenty of storage for late-night reading or padded fabric with a complimentary print, a headboard can easily be the statement piece of the room while helping you keep your pillows in check.

3. Bedding

Speaking of pillows, your bedding can be an easy way to make your space unique and more comfortable.

Accent pillows are a great way to bring in complementary pops of color, while coordinating sheets and pillows can give your room a crisp, clean feel. And everyone needs a snuggly throw blanket for those chilly fall and winter evenings.

4. Shelves

House plants, books, special possessions; they all have two things in common, they are an easy way to customize your bedroom, and they all need something to sit on. An etagere or a set of wall shelves can give you the space to organize and display your items with ease.

Choosing shelving with a matching finish to your bed and headboard is a great way to help pull your bedroom into a more cohesive unit. And you can choose from a vast range of styles.  Simplistic designs will let the items shine while complex and beautiful units can be a work of art themselves.

5. Bench

Accent chairs are a staple of both living and bedrooms, but benches can be a fantastic and more unique option as well. You can coordinate fabric choices with a headboard with the bonus of the bench fitting right in line at the foot of the bed. This placement option is beneficial if you do not have the wall or corner space to place a chair.

Benches work well in placements aside from the foot of the bed. Place them near closets to be more useful when getting dressed or putting on shoes. Or, as space allows, use them to create functional reading nooks in corners or under windows.

6. Wall Art

Art is where you can genuinely find something unique to yourself and the space you want to create. Modern, traditional, or crafted; pick pieces that inspire emotion. Consider available wall space when selecting art pieces.

A little can go a long way here. And consider matching an accent wall or headboard to a particular piece of art you love.

7. Area Rug

For those with hardwood floors, this is an obvious accent option. Tie in the rest of the room’s color scheme with a unique pattern or texture to add some fun, and most importantly comfort, to what is essentially a blank canvas.

If you have carpet, this is still a great option as well. You can add textural contrast to the rest of the bedroom floor, and if placed in the area with the heaviest foot traffic, an area rug can help protect the longevity of your carpeting.

8. Pet Bed

If you have a pet that loves sleeping nearby but isn’t allowed on your bed, adding their own custom little space to your bedroom is a great way to keep them nearby but comfortable.

Consider using a raised bed with similar materials and colors as your existing furniture to tie the look together.

Make It Yours

Whether you want pure comfort, a space that inspires and invigorates, or a mix of both, pick furniture and items that are beautiful, functional, and unique to yourself.

Johnston Casual furniture pieces are created to be functional and beautiful art pieces. Browse our extensive catalog; one of our designs might be that missing piece that makes your room come together.

If you have any questions about creating something truly unique, reach out to our design team. We pride ourselves on handmade furniture made directly for our customers.

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