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8 Affordable New Year’s Eve Table Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the holidays that get the most headlines during this season. Late fall and winter decor dominate end-of-year parties and family gatherings.

Many have transitioned from the yellows and oranges of November to the reds, greens, and whites of December. We have written about interior design and decorations during the holidays here.

The holiday season isn’t over the moment Santa returns to the North Pole. New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate another revolution around the sun and the opportunity to start with a fresh set of resolutions and goals. It is one last chance to spend time with those who matter most to you, while you have time off work and school.

It is also one last opportunity to decorate during the holiday season. If you need a few ideas for how to make your table pop before people come over to watch the ball drop, the team at Johnston Casuals is here to help. Here are eight ideas for decorating your table for New Year’s Eve.

Eight Decor Tips for Your Table for New Year’s Eve

1) Stay Classy (and Elegant)

Classy and elegant are words to remember as you decorate your table for a New Year’s Eve celebration. You might choose to stick with colors like silver, black, white, and gold. This will help you communicate to your guests that your part will be fancy and fun.

2) Reuse Some of Your Christmas Decor

If you still have some of your Christmas decor, you can reuse it for New Year’s. Whites and golds may still fit with your color theme. Consider spray painting garland, bells, and other elements silver or gold to fit with your table’s scheme.

3) Champagne Glass Tuxedos

What could be classier than a tuxedo? Use charming bow ties and bedazzled buttons to dress up your champagne glasses to add another touch of elegance to your table.

4) Clock Plates

This is a holiday that is all about time. Midnight is the moment for which we are all gathered to celebrate. For your table setting, you can print out a clock face set to a fixed time (such as midnight) and place a clear glass or fancy plastic plate on top of it.

  • 4.5) Clock Table: An alternative to the clock plates would be setting your entire table as a clock. This, of course, works best and really only with a round table.

5) Confetti You or Your Kids Can Make

To create a colorful tabletop decoration perfect for New Year’s, accordion-fold colored sheets of tissue or leftover wrapping paper, and then use two different-size circle craft punches to cut them out in circles. Then, you have homemade confetti to spread on your table.

6) Classy, Elegant Napkins

If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve dinner party and want to craft an atmosphere that is classy, joyful, fun, your table napkin choice can make all the difference. Choose white or black napkins for a touch of elegance.

You can loosely tie an opposite color ribbon, potentially using adhesive to stick numbers with the New Year on the ribbon.

7) Shiny Is Fun

This New Year’s Eve, go all out with sparkling decor. Handcrafted mylar fringe numbers and gold leaf place cards are the ideal way to ring in the new year in style.

You can also add disco ball elements to your table to ensure your New Year is sparkling like champagne.

8) Accents of Gold

Whatever your table’s theme, you can always accent everything with gold for a classy and elegant touch. Your guests will feel fancy gathering around a table with a golden touch.

What better way to start the New Year than surrounded by gold?

New Year’s Decor Begins With the Right Table

While reading this, if you’re thinking about how your table does not really match the decor you want for New Year’s, Johnston Casuals is here to help. Our handcrafted tables are the right balance of classy and elegant for every celebration and daily family dinner. With a Johnston Casuals dining room table, you will always have a conversation starter for your guests.

Johnston Casuals takes steel tubes, bars, and sheet stock, then cut, fabricate, weld, assemble, powder coat finish, put a seat or a piece of glass on them, and wrap them up. The individual finished product is then packaged and shipped all over the United States and around the world.

Our welders are artists, and when you purchase from us, you know that each piece will have a personal touch. You can browse our catalog online or contact us for more information about getting your own Johnston Casuals table.


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