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7 Benefits to Hiring an Interior Designer for Holiday Decorations

While the holiday season is always one of the most anticipated times of the year, people may be looking forward to it more than ever. After all the darkness last year, the holidays were supposed to be a reprieve from the difficulties and challenges we all faced. However, many found they could not gather with relatives, and loved ones and families had to cancel or postpone long-held traditions.

This year has been no less challenging, but we will likely have more opportunities to spend time with those we love the most. Many families will be making up for times lost and rescheduling the get-togethers they lost last year. There is energy as we approach November and December as we are more focused on what really matters.

If you plan to decorate for Christmas or the holiday season in general, you may be thinking about going all out this year. Some people look forward to the actual work of installing decorations. Many of us love the finished product but loathe the process. Furthermore, it never turns out quite as we envisioned it.

With all that’s going on in our world, this might be the year to hire an interior designer to help you with your holiday decorations. In this article, we are discussing some of the many benefits of hiring help for your holiday decorations.

Seven Benefits of Hiring Help for Holiday Decorations

It may seem like a strange idea to get help with your putting out decorations, but you will be surprised at how much your family will thank you.

1) Your Family Will Be Safer

You may not want to think about it in association with the holidays, but there are approximately 200 injuries every day of the season due to decoration mishaps. Believe it or not, upwards of 17,000 people are treated in emergency rooms for these injuries.

Hiring professionals can help you avoid potential injuries so that your holiday season isn’t spent inside an ER.

2) You Will Get to Spend More Time With Your Family

This is by far the greatest benefit for families. While you may be hanging decorations together, if it is not an activity to which your entire family looks forward, you may get more value out of other Christmas and Thanksgiving traditions.

Having professionals help you with the decoration process will allow you and those closest to you to spend more quality time together. You might take what would be the day you would climb ladders and hang lights and replace that time with going to the mountains and choosing your own tree.

3) You Will See Your Vision Come to Life

You may have a holiday decoration vision that never seems to quite match the outcome. You may have styles and colors in mind, but it never quite seems right. An interior designer can help take the vision in your mind and match it with their experience and expertise to bring your vision to life.

4) Your Decorations May Be More Efficient

Have you been using the same old lights and decorations for years and decades? They may be draining your electricity and increasing your energy bills. A designer will likely have access to the latest technologies so your holiday decorations can be more efficient.

5) You Will Have The “Wow” Factor

We want the neighbors to say, “Wow,” when they see our outdoor decorations. We want our guests to be impressed when they arrive for our holiday parties and gatherings. You can have the peace of mind of knowing you are putting your best foot forward by hiring professional designers to help you with your holiday decorations.

6) You Will Learn Ideas for the Future

Hiring an interior designer to help with holiday decorations for one season may supply you with ideas for the future. You may get a sense of new trends and styles that will transcend multiple holiday seasons to come.

7) You Will Be Less Stressed

It is unfortunate that the holidays are often associated with stress. Parents are worried about purchasing all the perfect gifts and making sure their children have everything they want. Families are shuffling from gathering to gathering, squeezing in moments to shop, and before we know, the season is over. Let this be the year you take one major holiday project off of your plate.

While you are treating yourself to hired help for holiday decorations, consider how you feel about your furniture. Do you love it? Are you getting tired of it? Is your furniture serving its purpose but not inspiring confidence? This might be the holiday season to gift yourself with new, high-quality, American-made furniture.

Johnston Casuals combines welding with art to supply families with inspiring furniture that will complement any holiday decorations. You can see our full catalog on our website or reach out any time with your questions about what will work best for your home.

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