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4 Steps to Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Home

Furniture is the cornerstone of our workspaces—the items we select or inherit set the tone and functionality of our space. When purchasing new furniture, many consider price and design as the key decision-making points. This can often leave you with a piece of furniture ill-suited to your lifestyle or space.

Four Steps to Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Home

If you find yourself on the market for new home furnishings, there are a few things to take into consideration before opening up your wallet. Today we will walk you through our recommended steps to consider while selecting your new pieces, including:

  • Check space and room layout
  • Pick materials that fit your lifestyle
  • Settle on a cohesive style or aesthetic
  • Know your budget

As you can see, we still have style and budget on the list. They just shouldn’t be your primary concern when starting the process of choosing furniture for your home.

1. Check space and room layout.

If you have read any of our other blogs, we have gone over how to figure out space constraints and room playout when selecting furniture for a number of individual room types, including living and dining rooms. But we can not overstate the importance of a well-fitted piece of furniture to a room’s visual appeal and function.

Whether you’re looking for a single piece or a new furniture suite, take measurements and double-check. Figure out what size furniture will fit the space and how you want it arranged. This is an easy and fun step to play around with different configurations. You can map your new living room with graph paper or a computer interior design application.

By planning your furniture layout thoroughly, you can get a more accurate estimate of the dimensions you can accommodate. Nothing throws off the design of a room like a furniture piece that is too big or too small. But don’t get too stuck on the perfect number when you finally go shopping. A few inches here or there won’t break the aesthetic.

2. Pick materials that fit your lifestyle.

Furniture sees a lot of use, so you will need to consider the durability of the materials used to make each piece. Wood is a tried and true material that can take quite a beating. While susceptible to scratches and water damage, it is easily resurfaced for repairs.

Opting for something with a metal base is essential for those who need a table that can take a little more weight or resist damage by pets. The reasons to choose metal are many. Steel outperforms wood, plastics, and many other composites for durability over a variety of potentially damaging environmental factors, including:

  • Humidity
  • Water damage
  • Temperature
  • Damage from pets and kids

Its strength is unparalleled, and coupled with its near imperviousness to environmental changes; it will be with you for a lifetime. This is good, as our furniture can last decades if selected and treated correctly.

Even if you want to incorporate a rustic or natural component like wood or stone, you can. Most metal-based furniture allows you to select the topper that works best with your style or needs.

Don’t forget upholstery or topping material for seating. You need to consider the level of use every piece will see, including if it will get direct sunlight, kids, and pets. Every type of upholstery has its own pros and cons, but don’t skip on durability and the ability to clean up if you use the living room a lot.

3. Settle on a cohesive style or aesthetic.

Once you have an idea of the size of furniture you are looking for, and what materials suit your lifestyle best, it is finally time for the really fun part, picking a design style. Gone are the days of having an entire matching living room furniture set.

While there is nothing wrong with a beautiful matching set of sofa and chairs, feel free to mix and match style, color, and textures throughout your seating, table, and storage selections. Antiques, contemporary, retro, and Mid-century designs can all work together with a little bit of forethought.

If you have gotten to this point, you may have an idea of your perfect dining room design. Settle on a unifying theme and carry that throughout all your selections. This theme can be as simple as a color palette or a particular type of wood finish that repeats across multiple furniture pieces or decor.

You can design enclosed rooms however you like, but open floor plans need to consider the other adjoining spaces. You can make the living area distinct, but it shouldn’t be a jarring transition from the kitchen or dining space.

Pick through magazines or websites and start a board of ideas and styles that you like. You might not be able to recreate it one-to-one in your own space. But keeping in mind furniture materials, color palettes, and textures when making your purchases will help the final room and home be more cohesive.

4. Know your budget.

Now that you have your list of specifications, it is time to go shopping. Nowadays, you can find just about every shape, size, and material for a coffee table. Browse around online to see what options are available within your budget.

Keep in mind you get what you pay for. A solid, durable piece of furniture can be with you for decades. When it comes to furniture you know you will be using daily or around pets and kids, now this is not the time to skimp out. Going for a cheaper option will just mean you need to replace or do potentially costly repairs more often, which, more often than not, costs more in the long run.

But nothing beats seeing a piece up close. If you have a furniture store or dealer nearby, pay them a visit. Even if you end up ordering online, you’ll get a much better idea of all those dimensions in person.

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