Onica Dining Set

Onica Dining Set

The chairs possess an exceptionally fresh modern design with bold serpentine lines and a comfort inspired arched back. The table base reflects the same design aesthetic with its snaking lines grasping a pair of sturdy steel rings at its heart.

3615_3633B. Made to order N/A / .



3615 Onica Dining Chair:  23″ width, 24″ depth, 29″ height, 17″ seat depth

3633B Onica table base: 38″ square at the floor(29 square at the top), 30″ height.

Shown in: Platinum Finish

GL49, 48 in round glass, 1/2 thickness with beveled edge.




*Base is also available with upholstered ascott-like inner panels

3633B-U Onica Upholstered Dining Base

Shown in: Graphite Finish


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