Domino Rect. Dining Set

Domino Rect. Dining Set

Our contemporary Domino Rect. Dining Set features a domino-like laser cut design on gently curving back supports, coupled with an amazingly stable traditional-look base.

0811_0862_0836B_SET. Made to order N/A / .



0836B Domino Chair: 20.5″ width, 22.5″ depth, 39.5″ height.

0862 Domino Bench: 63″ length, 21″ depth, 32″ height

0836B Domino Table Base: 42″ width, 72″ length, 30.25″ height.

Shown in: Platinum Finish

Shown with GL4272, Rect. Clear Glass, 72 in. length, 42 in. depth, 1/2 in. thickness with flat polished edge





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