Custom Furniture

From original one of kind builds to large hospitality projects to simple variations on our production pieces... we are the custom manufacturer for you.

Make custom modifications to one of our production pieces. Need a shorter stool? Need a wider seat? Need special dimensions for one of our table bases?

Shown above: We made a tall variation of our Bonzo table, reinvented our Bistro chair into a tall barstool and removed the lower frame off our Providence table base.

Whether you need a bold, one of kind dining base, a uniquely your own end table or a stool built at a custom height... we're the company you need.

For this stunning custom build the customer had us replace the usual glass top with a wood top in our Superior Oak.

We built just a single copy of this cute, retro-look end table. It features swaged legs and our Superior Oak wood.

This striking build is a variation on our normally round Pegasus Table Base. The build was reinvented as a long, rectangular table base.

With our unique combination of technology, craftsmanship and designers we can take on ambitious steel projects.

Our custom steel signs are outdoor ready. We can help finish your design and make it a reality.

This company sign features two of our bold metal finishes.

With over thirty unique metal finishes, a variety of woods, and a wide range of colorful fabrics available we can help our customers to fulfill their creative vision.

Retail stores frequently employ our team to come up with floor displays, special cases, cabinets and window displays.

Need a custom display that mounts perfectly to your storefront window? We’ve fashioned window displays with exacting measurements.

For this gift shop we designed a set of unique floor displays to help them show off their goods.

Sometimes a customer appreciates one of our designs, but really wants to put their own creative spin on it.

This Alistair Square Cocktail was a specially built for one of our creative customers.

The normal steel top and bottom shelf have been replaced with wood.

The shelves shown here are in our beautiful, rustic Superior Oak.

Many of our designs lend themselves to being easily customized. For example, we have a line of products that feature artistically designed steel inserts. The line includes chairs, etageres and room dividers.

This Luca Stacking Chair features a unique pear tree themed insert.

The chairs were built both with and without arms for a large custom order.

When not in use the chairs stack safely into stacks of four to six pieces, enabling a space to be cleared for special events.

Likewise, extra chairs can be stored away until their needed.

This amazing, pear-tree themed room divider stands on a set of casters to make it maneuverable.

Sometimes a customer needs some stools built to have a unique seat height to match the height of a bar or pub table.

A number of these Luca Swivel Stools were built to have a unique 23 inch seat height to meet the customer’s needs.

The stool shown here features our popular Eden Insert.

The insert and frame can each have their own bold finish. The stool shown here features our Bronze finish on the insert with our Chrome finish on the frame.

Our custom beds have been in demand among the interior design community for many years.

Shown here is one of our larger custom headboard builds. It was recognized with an award at a popular design show.

Try bold new looks...

We modified this modern-look chair of ours to meet our customer’s vision. The back features a unique laser-cut design,

Casinos, event halls and professional locker rooms often call on us to craft especially long benches.

This jaw-dropping bench was almost 14 feet long and 22 inches wide.